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Product guarantees and returns policy

When you buy our timber garden sheds products you can feel confident about the quality of all of our treated pine timber garden sheds, cedar clad timber garden sheds and vinyl clad timber framed shed  products have been quality tested for long life and safety. We are able to offer you a full replacement warranty for any product that has any manufacturing fault  for 12 monthe from date of purchase, all you have to do is advise us of the fault within 7 days of purchase and return it to us and we will replace the product free of charge.

When you post the product back to us we will pay for the return postage, if the product has a manufacturing fault and if you send the postage receipt with the goods. 

If you do not get approval for the return we will not warranty the goods or pay the postage. You have to notify us before you return the goods and within 7 days from the purchase date in writing..

Any products that have been marked down due to damage or imperfections, or are brought under our discontinued section are strictly no returns, refunds or exchange. 

Please choose carefully as we do not refund if you change your mind. 


Garden Sheds, Timber, Treated Pine, Cedar , Vinyl clad products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship during normal and proper usage for a period of 12 months from date of purchase with original receipt. Damage from vandalism or misuse is not covered.

With normal usage, Polycarbonate roof skylights fibreglass accessory items are guaranteed against cracking or breakage for 12 months from date of purchase with original receipt. Our high grade timber that is used in our quality treated pine sheds, timber cedar clad sheds and vinyl clad sheds has been treated to last for 20 years. However, we cannot guarantee against wanes, checks, cracks, stains, bows or twists which may happen after delivery.  It is essential that all exposed timbers used in any of our treated pine timber sheds, cedar clad timber sheds and our vinyl clad sheds be painted stained or sealed against the weather   da.

All warranties are considered null and void should there be evidence of equipment misuse or when it is clear that our strict installation instructions are not followed properly.

Non-payment of equipment at the contracted price as agreed at the time of purchase would also nullify all warranties.

Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of replacing or repairing the defective component warranted for – returned prepaid to our factory at the customer’s expense.

Installation instructions can be included on request. We reserve the right to alter specifications, designs and installation instructions when necessary.

This warranty supersedes all other warranty so given by any persons stated or implied. We do not authorise any person or company to make, change or imply our conditions of warranty described herein, nor do we accept any liability for such statements made or implied.




  1. Check all fasteners twice a month and tighten as required.
  2. All Exposed timber areas must br maintained with regular staining, painting or sealing
  3. All moveable parts must be checked monthly for wear and tear. Lubricate or replace when necessary.
  4. Check logs and timber constantly for cracks or splinters. Sand away splinters or fill cracks with silicon to ensure long life.
  5. If maintenance programs are not carried out as advised, all warranties become null and void.